• Bye diaper!

Bye diaper!

Potty training will be a breakthrough for your baby and a release for you. But to leave the diaper your kid will show a series of signals that will indicate it is time to try.

It’s the Patience & not punishment that helps in smooth Potty training. To know that now is the appropriate time, you must observe certain indications given by your baby:

- Spend several hours with a dry diaper.

- Pee once and not too frequent like before.

- Gestures and movements indicating that it is time to pee.

- Asking to change as soon as wet happens.

- Is able to follow simple commands, willing to eat alone...

­-Baby's stools or urine times are same on most of the days

- Baby can go up to the bathroom or baby gives indication of going to the bathroom

If many of these signs are fulfilled, and baby is around 18-24 months, it is time to get down to work.


- Go together to buy a potty, may be with a preferred color.

- Let your kid on the potty every two hours and wait five minutes. If after that time, your kid has done nothing, try again later.

- Make baby sit on it after he gets up in the morning, and then after every 2 hours. Try making a routine

- Every time your kid successfully uses the potty, get him/her a reward. You can also put a sticker on a timetable for him/her to see their achievements and to show others.

- Never scold or punish your kid if has a leak.

-Remember, Night training will take bit longer than the day training.

- No way back. If you have already removed the diaper, do not be tempted reinserting when you go to the streets because your kid has a leak, you can bring one in your handbag for emergencies only.

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