• Bed sharing

Bed sharing

Bed sharing is a widespread custom in many countries worldwide. Proponents say it improves sleep quality and helps in the establishment of breastfeeding.

But sleeping in the same bed with your baby is an option that must be considered after taking into account several precautions.

You may find bed sharing comfortable as you may find it easier in the early weeks of breastfeeding, or both of you may sleep better, or you feel it’s easier to put the pacifier every time your baby cries, or you think that it may develop a stronger bond with your baby or you have decided that this is your way to rest. There may be many reasons that may lead you to share a bed with your child. But if you do so, you must know the "technique" to avoid risks.

- Never practice co-sleeping if you or your partner suffers obesity.

- Nor do if you have taken alcohol, drugs or medication that leaves you into a deep sleep.

- Use a firm mattress to sleep. You do not stay asleep on a sofa.

- Avoid using pillows or comforters. The sheets should not have ribbons or bows.

- Please note that there are special cribs on the market to practice co-sleeping safely, where one side (which wilt to bed) is easily removed, allowing the proximity to the baby while maintaining each space.

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