• Bath time

Bath time


Although early days your baby may protest, that time in the water will soon become one of the most joyful times of the day. Get ready to get wet and have fun in the bathroom.

Some pediatricians recommend not to bathe the baby until the umbilical cord has fallen, which usually occurs within 7-10 days of birth, but other specialists find no objection to do so as long as the case of a short swim and paying special attention to drying the umbilical area. Either way, once the cord stump has fallen off, make sure to take your little one to tub to soothe before dinner and sleep at night, or morning especially if he/she is sleepy.


Some tips

The temperature of water should be between 34 and 37 degrees. Check with a bath thermometer or enter your elbow on it.

Fill the tub about 10-15 centimeters so that the water covers your baby’s waist and your baby does not get cold.

Try to have all you need at hand, avoid leaving your baby alone in the bathtub. Before you put him in the water, make sure you bring: soap, shampoo, towel, alcohol to clean the cord and a towel.

Start with the face, then the body and limbs and be careful with the head, taking special care to skin folds.


Use a special soap for babies, but do not throw directly to the skin. To wash hair, take head back, rub gently with a shampoo and rinse it carefully.

Take the baby from the tub with both hands and quickly cover him/her with a soft baby towel. Do not rub skin to dry, but make gentle touches to the skin and pay more attention to folds.

You can end up helping him/her with a relaxing massage with a hydrating oil or a special oil for delicate skin.

In case if baby’s skin is very dry, apply baby cream or baby oil while the skin is still wet.

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